“EK pushed me and proceeded to never give up.”

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Throughout my journey of losing weight I would say I’ve had one of the best experiences I could ask for. EK pushed me and proceeded to never give up. He wasn’t only my trainer but also my friend. This journey was beyond tough for me. Having him by my side to motivate me and make sure I wasn’t eating a burger or two in the morning really helped and led me to the right path and my goal. I couldn’t thank him enough for believing in me and taking the time out of his day to make sure we did our workouts, make sure my eating was good and also being my trainer. I wouldn’t of asked for a better trainer. EK is funny and creative but also hard working and I’m excited to see where his career takes him.


“EK is a true fitness professional and fitness guru. I have not seen any other trainers that even come close.”

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I am 71 and have all of the aches and pains that normally come with age. Prior to training with EK, I had three different trainers. I would describe them as “one size fits all” trainers. By that I mean they used the same exercises for 20 year olds as they did me.

EK was different. For example, I have back pains. EK had me exercise on a machine that all the previous trainers had me use (with limited success). After watching me do a couple of repetitions, EK stopped me and asked me to move a few inches back on the seat and to arch my back as I pulled the weights towards me. After just a few reps, I could feel the muscles in my back were being heavily used.

EK made similar changes to most of my exercises to cause the target muscles to get strengthened. In the end, I had an exercise program specifically fitted to my needs. In summary, EK is a true fitness professional and fitness guru. I have not seen any other trainers that even come close. I highly recommend him.

RITA, 82

“In less than one month of working with Mara I was able to walk again without the use of the walker!”

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Working out every day with my personal trainer, Mara, has changed my life! Move Bros Fitness made me feel like I was more than just a number. Before starting with Move Bros Fitness, I had a number of injuries including fractures in my hip, arm, and spine. Due to this, I was given a walker but no instructions on how to use it. This only made things worse, but I was determined to make a change and walk on my own again!

From the moment I started with Move Bros Fitness I knew I was in good hands. They were confident that they could help me work through these issues, and more! They provided me with a thorough assessment process to create a truly personalized, customized plan of action. My plan and workouts were specific to ME and they made sure I progressed each and every day. I’m excited to say that in less than one month of working with Mara I was able to walk again without the use of the walker! (After 7 months of relying on a walker). The personalized workouts and attention to detail they provide is outstanding, and I couldn’t imagine being where I am today without Move Bros Fitness.


“My results to date, are phenomenal! My body is transforming quickly.”

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Before Move Bros Fitness, I was a once a month attendee at my local gym where I didn’t know what I needed to do or how to make use of the equipment to help me with my fitness goals. I was looking for support and a program that would make me feel like I couldn’t let a day go by without me working towards my fitness goals. I found it here!! The trainers are all amazingly friendly, professional and caring. My workouts are planned and monitored/adjusted accordingly. My progress is measured and documented regularly. Most importantly, my results to date, are phenomenal! My body is transforming quickly.


“My blood pressure had returned to normal range, my weight was down and my blood work showed that everything was now in a healthy range.”

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I’ve always been an active person, but with a mostly desk job and aging started to catch up with me, I knew I needed to do something about it.

I looked into Move Bros Fitness late in 2018 to see if their team could be part of the solution. I have found Move Bros to be an awesome fit for me. They have developed a fitness plan specifically for me and have my back in accomplishing my personal goals. I want to specifically give a shout out to Mara, who has been my main trainer. Not only is her positive attitude contagious, she listens to me and asks for feedback to make my workouts challenging and fun. Move Bros approaches everyone as an individual. As a former athlete, I have extremely arthritic feet. She makes sure my workouts do not aggravate my arthritis and the team is always making sure my form is correct.

I had a follow up with my general doctor recently. My blood pressure had returned to normal range (where medication had been threatened in the past), my weight was down and my blood work showed that everything was now in a healthy range. When I shared this information with Mara, she was celebrating with me. It feels so great to have someone ‘on my team’ in this aspect. I realized investing in myself and signing up for semi private training three days a week was absolutely worth it for me.  I highly recommend Move Bros Fitness.


“After a couple months of proper and consistent training, my back is now 100% pain free! ”

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When I first started at MBF, I was a mess.  I was completely out of shape, and suffered from back pain due to being overweight.  The team was able to create a specific program, which focused on taking the stress off my back, while still working to strengthen my back, as well as other areas.  All of this was accomplished through...CORRECTIVE MOVEMENTS!  This particular method is incredibly effective because it not only helps prevent injury, but it also helps maximize the efficiency of a workout, through proper form.  In other words, you work harder without working harder!  Over a series of a few sessions, I learned how to engage my core, glutes, and quads;  rarely using my back and knees.  After a couple months of proper and consistent training, my back is now 100% pain free!  In fact, I don’t even think about the back anymore, which allows me to get through a full workout, at full strength...no more pulling punches!  I have not only gained strength and endurance, but I have also lost several inches in my belly, chest, arms, waist, and thighs.  Even my mood has improved, along with improved mental focus and clarity.  Not to mention, I am also learning so much about fitness, nutrition, and how the human body can work much more efficiently, which is knowledge I will have for the rest of my life. These guys really know what they’re doing, but don’t take MY word for it!  Come in and see for yourself, you will be astonished at what your body, mind, and spirit is capable of, with proper training and education!
I highly recommend Move Bros Fitness to everyone!


“Eric took the time to see what I wanted with my fitness goals, and then set about creating a custom plan which changes week-to-week as I've built strength and ability. I've had the opportunity to train with Eric, Ek and Mara who are super friendly, highly knowledgable and keen to see me achieve results without breaking me! Steady core training has been the only training that's worked, and you feel it from the inside out! They are 5-star and you will be too!”


“If you’re looking for a fun, social, and energetic environment; this is the place for you!”


"I started going to seek help with getting in shape thinking it was just a normal gym. But what I found when I got there was so much more, it's a friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable trainers that treat you like a family. When my plantar fasciitis (foot issue) acted up they took extra care to create a workout that wouldn't compound the issue. They take the time to see where you want to be and set up a workout plan specific to what you want to accomplish."


“The team at Move Bros is killer! I have been going for the last 3 months and I have already been getting results in my physique that I was told at my last gym would take a year. Eric is my main trainer and he makes working out fun while pushing me to get the results I want. I highly recommend checking them out!”


“Love these personal trainers. Great knowledge on fitness - customize your work out and stretching. Very personable and fun to train with. Loving every min of getting fit.”


“I love this place! I've always hated gyms but this place, makes me feel like home! Everyone is super nice, it's like we are all a little family and we all encourage each other in our journeys!!! It is an amazing place”




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