The Truth About Compound Exercises


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We’re starting with the end this week. This will be the last entry in our Corrective Exercise Continuum Series. We have much more content on the way breaking down all of these topics, along with many others including your requests! But for now, here is our entry for compound exercise and why it’s such an important last step.

So, we just spent all this effort and time warming up, releasing tension and knots, stretching your body out, and doing silly looking isolated exercises to help you move and feel great, and the last thing we want is for all that work to go to waste, right? It would be a shame for all your hard work not to stick. That’s why we need something to keep it all together! Think of compound exercises as the glue that holds all of your results together. Let’s go see why it works.

The method:

Contrary to some beliefs, compound exercises aren’t just lifting really heavy weights. Actually, it really means using multiple muscles and joints at once. So, what we want is an easy, effective compound movement that involves the muscle group we worked on and it’s neighboring muscles groups! What we see often happen is that those muscles we warmed up, foam rolled, stretched and isolated weren’t working and functioning at their full capacity or in sync. With compound exercises, though, we help those muscles to become one and function as a whole unit again. A cool fact is that your body isn’t just a bunch of different pieces but rather a machine, and because of this it is meant to work together. By practicing your compound movements to glue everything together, you’ll be back to peak performance in no time!

Now that we’ve outlined the steps necessary, you’ve got some great tools to start practicing corrective exercise work. Good luck and remember: move smarter, not harder! Please check out our Facebook page, like & subscribe it helps us continue to be able to give you all the great content we have. If you need any help or have any questions, Move Brothers Fitness is here to help. Here’s to fitness for life!!

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