Isolation Exercises: Ready to be Rebalanced?


What’s going on everyone? It’s Friday and not only is the week winding down but we’re also closing in on the final steps of the Corrective Exercise Continuum! Today we’ve got Step 4 of the Corrective Exercise Continuum for you: Isolated Exercises. This will be the simplest and easiest step in the process. While it is a simple step, there are still some things to focus on and pay attention to. So, let’s jump right into the why, what and how below.


So, you’ve already warmed up, stretched some of your tight muscles, and gone through some self-massage techniques on a few problem areas. Now because the targeted muscles are in a good and balanced state, we can begin the process of reintroducing them into normal movement patterns. This of course will help you decrease pain and improve your posture, which yields other great benefits like energy boost and less brain fog due to better circulation.


This is where the isolation comes in! We will be isolating and targeting one side at a time, in this case we’ll go with your right side. Let’s say you just worked on that muscle on the top or front of your right leg (Quadriceps) and you went through Steps 1-3 to help decrease some hip and knee pain in that leg. To make sure it doesn’t go back to the tight or inactive stage, we will use it in an isolated exercise so that it can be the primary mover without interference from other muscles. This muscle (your Quad) should have minimal to no interaction with the other muscles during this isolated movement. When your body works in an imbalanced state, other muscles that normally assist the primary mover jump in and take over. This then leads to the need for some correction, and our whole process at Move Brothers aims to break this very cycle!


Now to the good stuff: the workout! Okay we will pick a simple seated single-leg leg extension with hold. Sit upright on any surface, preferably something firm like a chair, high enough off the ground so that your hip crease (where your thigh and stomach meet) is slightly higher than your hip because we don’t want your hip flexors to come in. You can use your hands for support then proceed to kick the right leg out, kicking for about 4 seconds on the way out. Hold and squeeze for 6 seconds at the top, then release for another 4 seconds on the way down and just before you reach the bottom, go right back up with no break. Repeat this 6-8 times maintaining that slow, controlled tempo. You want to feel it at least 70-80% in that big leg muscle (Quad) we are targeting, if not 100%. If this is where you felt it most, you did great. We will do this for two sets on each leg and move on the next stage... So stay tuned for what that is!

Okay Movers, we hope this helped!! Please leave a comment below if you need extra help, have feedback, or just want to say hi and we will be happy to answer! Remember you can email us at for direct inquiries or to get set up with your own personalized plan! Here’s to Exercise for Life!

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