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As the summer sets in on us and the weather heats up, we figured this post would be appropriate (especially here in Phoenix). Everyone wants to feel their best and, of course, have a fully functional body, right? Truthfully, there is no better way than to A) be happy and B) to simply exercise. Corrective Exercise is a great way to do just that: simply exercise. The first step we always recommend perform is a Warm Up. Warming up is essential to the proper functioning of your body. Something most of us do before we become proficient in an area is we practice. When needing to perform our best we practice before right? Well, when your body needs to perform its best, it needs practice beforehand too! So think of your warm up as practice for your workout. Your best workouts will come after a good warm up, make sense?

These are Move Brothers Fitness Top 3 benefits of warm-ups:

1. Muscles are easier & safer to use. Of course, we all love safety and who doesn’t like easy? By warming up, you allow your muscles to learn the movements you are most likely getting ready to perform, allowing the movements to be practiced and you to be ready for the workout! Work smarter not harder.

2. Muscles are safer and easier to self-massage & stretch. To keep this simple, the idea is that more blood flow equals warmer muscles which translates to more mobility and more flexibility. Stretching and foam rolling (one of our favorite past times) are easier and more effective when you’re not going in cold.

3. One of our favorites, warm-ups can actually be your workout!! That’s right: this can be all you do on a given day of training. At Move Brothers we know what exercise really should be: it should be part of a life Change, not just a resolution to change. In order to do this, we know that simplicity is best and combined with the desire to want to be your best can yield amazing results. Warm-ups can be simple and easy while stimulating your muscles and waking them up. This can lead exercise and maybe even a nice, well deserved boost of energy for the day. This is great for beginners who intend to exercise and be active for the rest of their lives, as it gives you a simple, yet effective start to your fitness lifestyle!

One of the best ways to retain new knowledge is to do it. As the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. So when you have time, go do some warm-ups. Have fun with it, add a partner, turn it into a game… whatever! It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes!! If you don’t have any good warm-ups or need specifics, stay tuned for some of our general and specialty corrective warm-ups.

Remember that to be your best, you must feel your best and move your best! And, of course, working smarter beats working harder!

In Health,

The Move Brothers

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