Presidential Posture


Want to feel like Commander in Chief for a day? Ready to own your workout? Poor posture doesn't just take a toll on your body in daily life and project a poor image, it can also cause problems in your workouts. If you're not performing exercises in the correct position with good posture, you won't be maximizing your potential. Nobody likes wasting their workouts right? To combat this, today we've got a great 3-part series that will have you standing tall, ready to make all the executive decisions you need in your workout!

Thoracic SMR (2 x 60 secs) -- Place foam roller (or lacrosse ball if you want to get bold) under the middle of your back, cross arms over like giving yourself a hug (this exposes more of the musculature), lift hips and roll from mid-back up towards shoulders. This helps loosen up tight muscles, break up adhesions and prepare muscles that are lengthened to take on a shorter, proper length and improve posture. *DO NOT roll your lower back!*

Bench Forced Anti-Shrug (2 x 60 secs) -- Grab on the bench, pull shoulders and shoulder blades down, force chest/rib cage out. This opens up the chest and rib cage, and reinforces what I like to call "Power Posture" with the shoulder blades pulled down + back. We're working against all the sitting, slouching, bending over looking at phones we do. Think of this stretch like "Standing Tall" starring The Rock, but since we're not on his level yet we're "Sitting Tall" lol.

Standing Pec Stretch (3 x 20 secs) -- This can be done on a squat rack, with TRX straps, in a doorway, etc. but I'm sure many of you have seen it before. For today, we're going to keep the elbows down slightly below shoulder height so that we can work some Pec Minor as well. Slowly walk forward, keeping your shoulder blades down + back and maintaining upright posture. You should feel the stretch more in your chest than the front of your shoulders.

Try this out when you get ready to do your next upper body day!

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