M.I.C.E. - How this Small Concept Can Change Your Life!


Happy Hump Day! The Move Brothers are back with more knowledge to get you excited for the home stretch this week. We want to share our acronym for success and the Move Brothers Fitness secret to fitness for life: M.I.C.E.! It stands for ModerateIntensity Corrective Exercise. This is how we teach our clients to stay in shape and create a habit of being healthy, fit, and pain-free!

M.I.C.E. aren’t just furry little critters named Jerry being chased by Tom, it is also a fun way to remember what to do when you are working out. I bet next time you’re working out, you will think of mice and know exactly what to do.

Okay, let’s break this down into 3 parts:

-      M.I. = for Moderate Intensity

-      C     = for Corrective

-      E     = (I know you can guess this one) Exercise

Why does this work?

1.   It allows for sustainability without running your body in the ground.

2.   It allows for an increase in heart rate which equals good cardiovascular health.

3.   We take care of those nasty muscle imbalances that cause us discomfort and pain.

M.I.C.E. is safer, easier, and can be much more effective than various forms of traditional exercise. Why? If you can sustain your progress, be consistent, continue to feel stronger, experience less pain, improve your heart and lung health, and you have increased energy; how could it not be? The point is, there isn’t really a better way out there to make exercise a more effective, long-term solution than Corrective Exercise! Our question now is: what are you waiting for? Get started already! If you need help, remember Move Brothers Fitness is right here so don’t hesitate to reach out.

And, as always… Move Smarter, Not Harder!!

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