Corrective Exercise


Nowadays, fitness is everywhere and there are so many different types of exercise to choose from. With all of these variations out there, we aim to help you learn a little more about one of those types. Our personal favorite here (which happens to be our specialty) at Move Brothers is Corrective Exercise!

Essentially, corrective exercise takes your body’s muscle imbalances and common dysfunctions that are caused by daily wear and tear, improper movements and other various things and fixing them. If you’re like us, we use our bodies for almost everything we do! Whether it’s shopping, working, playing games or spending time with children, our bodies should be able to do these activities comfortably. Corrective exercise allows you to move better, feel better and increase your energy without having to beat yourself up in the gym or spend hours on the treadmill doing cardio. Corrective exercise provides you with a time-efficient option to improve your daily life and build a little strength while you’re at it!

How We Do It

As with any professional service (i.e. weight loss) you should aim to have a professional assist you in this process. We break corrective exercise down into easy to follow steps, generally starting with problem areas and then working our way into everything else. Below is a general outline of our process. To help get a picture of things, think of the last few steps of the process as much like reintegrating an injured animal back into the herd; once we’re done it will be

        - Step 1: We start by warming up the area/areas of interest, depending on the level and need of our client.

        - Step 2: Apply a self-massage technique to the area in question.

        - Step 3: We lengthen or stretch the targeted area with proper stretching techniques (there are a few different types).

        - Step 4: We take that targeted area and work it with an isolated exercise.

        - Step 5: We use that targeted area in a compound movement to reintegrate it back into your body’s normal function.

It probably doesn’t seem like much, and that’s exactly the point. We want to make exercise easy and enjoyable but super effective so why not combine techniques that everybody can benefit from together with some good old-fashioned fitness. Oh, and an awesome bonus is that this can be an effective precursor to sustained weight loss… Now we’re talking!!! If you’re someone who isn’t a traditionalist and likes to try new things, this is for you!!

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Corrective Exercise: The Move Bros Fitness Approach

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