3 Signs You Need Corrective Exercise


Good morning everyone! We hope you had a great 4th of July this year and are recharged and ready to get back to things. Today we’re covering reasons you may benefit from corrective exercise.

Corrective Exercise can be extremely beneficial for long term prevention of nasty chronic pain in knees, hips, low back, neck, etc. The great thing is that corrective exercise is low impact, moderate intensity, can be done anywhere, and very simple to learn. What we want to do is give you our Top 3 early signs that might indicate you need Corrective Exercise.

Bad Posture

Ready to have your mind blown? About 31 Million Americans at any given time have low back pain due to incorrect posture. According to JAMA , we spend 86 Billion on spinal treatments and 20 billion on narcotic pain relievers, how terrible is that? There are many ways that our posterior can deteriorate. In today’s world technology carries a lot of the blame, but working and sitting at a desk too long, injury, or other factors can also play a part in poor posture. With a proper corrective exercise plan though, you can save money, prevent chronic pain, save your health and ultimately feel better just by simply fixing your posture.

You have a Dominant Side or Muscular Imbalances.

Do you stand on one leg more than the other? Do you carry your purse or briefcase on one side? Do you hold your cell phone up to one ear and tilt your neck to that side? How about when hip carrying your small children, do you favor one side over the other moms? The point is that we are all guilty of this in one way or another! The good news is that this is exactly what corrective exercise was invented for! Its purpose is to correct everyday muscle imbalances and prevent joint and muscle pain. All our muscle imbalances really mean is that we over use some muscles while we underuse others and our bodies create natural compensations in the process. This then leads to pain in common areas like neck, shoulder and back.

Not convinced yet? Let’s take a look at one more then…

It’s Hard to Stay Consistent

This is an extremely common one that if we can catch early enough can be the difference between hundreds if not thousands of wasted dollars and the thing nobody wants to waste and that we never get back, time! Let’s face it, exercise should and can be a part of your daily routine when done properly with the right guidance. But, it first has to fit into your lifestyle and for busy hard-working Americans, that typically means convenience, time efficient, easy to understand, easy to do, easy in the mind and body and effective in delivering results. Okay you have to be a little interested now.

So maybe you fall into one of these categories, or maybe all of them. If you do, don’t worry because you are not alone. The great news is you now have some great tools you can use to fight the problem, but it’s time to take action now! Don’t worry about not knowing, the experts at Move Brothers Fitness are available to provide you with a professional plan that will guide you along the way. We will continue providing you all with tips, tricks and updates, so please like, subscribe and follow our Facebook page or sign up for our email updates!

We strive to help change the fitness industry one community and one individual at a time, starting with you! Here’s to Exercise for Life!

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