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Golf Assessment & Consultation

Nothing gets a person feeling better, looking better, sleeping better...and performing better on the golf course faster than a personalized corrective exercise program.

Hello Phoenix golfers, this is coach Eric and Ekklesia. If you’ve been struggling with your golf game because you’re not as strong or mobile as you used to be, struggling because of injuries, joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or simply have daily aches and pains; then we want to help!

We specialize in personal corrective exercise specifically designed for improving your golf game and helping Phoenix area residents get maximum enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction from their life.

The way we do this is by getting our clients in the best shape of their life, so they can play at the top of their game while also helping them live pain-free. Or maybe it’s simply eliminating those aches and pains that keep them up at night or moving slow in the morning --- or both!

We can tell you this with absolute certainty: everything in life is better and more completely enjoyable when you look and FEEL fantastic, and can enjoy the game you love for years to come!

Whether you are just a beginner or at the top of your game, you will find value in the information you acquire from our fully certified Personal Trainers during your Golf Assessment and Consultation.

During our first meeting we answer all your questions, discuss your goals, assess your current ability level, and determine a personalized plan for moving forward.

There’s no obligation or commitment to participate in the Golf Assessment and Consultation. This is simply the best and easiest way to see if Move Bros Fitness is the right fit. Just like our sessions, our recommendations and programs are personalized to your goals and personal situation. Your body and golf game are unique, so we believe your golf fitness program should be too. Therefore, there is no way we can give you our professional recommendation via email, text or even a quick call. We think if you were looking for generic, then you wouldn’t have landed on our website.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Eric & Ekklesia

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    Eric & Ekklesia, Move Bros Fitness Owners

    Eric & Ekklesia, Move Bros Fitness Owners

    What to Expect At Your First Session

    Here at Move Bros Fitness we believe in truly learning about you before designing any programs. Our Golf Assessment & Consultation includes:

    • Medical History Questionnaire

    • Golf-Specific Movement Assessments

    • Muscular Assessments

    • Past History

    • Goal Setting

    • Facility Tour

    • Answer every question you have

    Don’t worry, this first session is built for all fitness levels. The purpose is for you to see the facility, experience working with a personal trainer if you haven’t before, and see if you like it! For us, it gives us the opportunity to better understand your goals, fitness level, and your body’s unique needs, so we can best recommend the right personalized program for you!