Move Camp

• 60 MINUTES •

• M - F : 4:00 PM / 5:00 PM / 6:00 PM

• Saturday : 11:00 AM

Move Camps are on the cutting edge of group fitness classes! Our unique spin on group fitness classes ensures you don’t go through a random series of moves that may lead to overuse and injury. We take time developing each class and making sure our members aren’t just another number. Move Camps get you results without beating your body down. Cut out all the guesswork, burnout, delayed results, etc. and start feeling and looking better sooner! Our unique formula creates the optimal equation to help you:

- Increase Focus, Strength, Posture, Stamina, Energy, and ultimately..... RESULTS! -

Unlike other large group classes, we focus on proper movement mechanics. Our instructors ensure you're performing the lifts correctly. If necessary, we make modifications to ensure you still get most out of a Move Camp. That way your body can look and feel it's best! Our current members are already experiencing results. Don't wait, make a Move Camp part of your routine today!


“It gives me more energy to be a mom, to be a boss, and feel more confident about myself.” - Tasha L.

“I regularly run and do yoga, but never knew how to incorporate weights and resistance bands into my routine. Since starting last April I’ve seen a definite increase in my overall muscle tone. The Move Camps have totally upped my workout game!” - Steph H.


Are You Ready for Results?