Move Camp

• 60 MINUTES •

• M - F : 5:30 AM / 12:00 PM / 4:00 PM / 5:00 PM / 6:00 PM

• Saturday : 8:30 AM

Move Camps are on the cutting edge of group fitness classes! Our unique spin on group classes allows you to get the most personalization out of any group class around. Move Camps get you results without beating your body down because we’ve broken Move Camps down into 3 Levels. This allows us to prescribe you the correct starting point for your fitness journey, and eliminate guesswork, burnout, delayed results, etc. Our unique formal creates the optimal equation to help you:

- Increase Focus, Strength, Posture, Stamina, Energy, and ultimately..... RESULTS! -

We prioritize proper movement and mechanics here at Move Bros Fitness to ensure you're performing the lifts correctly so your body can look and feel the best! An added benefit of Move Camps is that they can enhance all the other activities you currently do! They are a great accessory to what you’ve already got going on. Make a Move Camp part of your routine today!


Move Recovery


• M - F : 7:00PM

• Saturday : 11:00 AM

Long days at work? Worn out from a weekend hike? Sore from yesterday's workout? Join a Move Recovery class today! Our Recovery class is designed to offset the stresses of everyday life, work, fun, etc. on your body. If you want to look and feel your best, allow us to incorporate some magic (at least it'll feel like magic) into your exercise routine!