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Have you been struggling to start or stick with an exercise program? Have injuries, joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or daily aches and pains held you back? Are you ready to exercise but want to make sure you don’t injure yourself?

We've got you covered!

We specialize in personal corrective exercise and helping people get pain-free so they can get back to enjoying their life.

We do this by:

  1. Including a personalized corrective exercise component to all our client’s programs.

  2. Addressing and correcting any existing muscle imbalances, movement dysfunctions, or other hurdles.

  3. Priming your body to perform the way it was supposed to and helping you achieve your dream goals!

We can tell you this: everything in life is better and more enjoyable when you look and FEEL fantastic.

Whether you are just a beginner or at the top of your game, Move Bros Fitness has three different programs to fit your needs, personality, and budget. We have One-on-One Personal Training, Semi-Private Personal Training, or our unique Move Camp group classes.

The FIRST STEP is to schedule for your Two (2) FREE Sessions!

During our first meeting we answer all your questions, discuss your goals, assess your current ability level, and determine a plan for moving forward.

There’s no obligation or commitment. This is simply the best and easiest way for you to see the Move Bros difference. Our recommendations and programs are personalized to you and your individual situation. Just like our sessions. Your body is unique, and your fitness program should be too! If you were looking for generic, then you wouldn’t have landed on our website.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

The Move Bros Family

Eric, Ekklesia & Mara

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    Eric, Ekklesia & Mara,    Move Bros Fitness Team

    Eric, Ekklesia & Mara, Move Bros Fitness Team