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Designed for those who enjoy the camaraderie of a group environment, but still desire a personalize program designed to their body’s specific needs and goals. Who also understand the importance of maximizing each exercise with proper form and technique with closer instruction from our Fitness Consultants, our semi-private personal training groups feature four or fewer participants for the best in group instruction.

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Personalized Program Design

Unlike most group personal training that are just glorified fitness classes, Move Bros Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions are truly customized. You have your own program designed by our experts based on your goals and functional movement needs.

The truth is, most people simply don’t know how to get a good workout. Even if they go to the gym regularly, they end up getting frustrated because they don’t have the support and the know-how to get the results they want. At Move Bros our goal is simple: understand your goals and personal situation, establish a plan to get you there, and coach you through the plan step-by-step, and lastly have FUN in the process!


Personalized Corrective Exercise

You are probably saying, “what the heck is personalized corrective exercise”. It’s what we specialize in! We are the areas only fitness studio that specializes in the use of corrective exercise techniques to help our clients not only look better faster, but feel better faster.

Corrective exercise is specific exercise and personalized programming that corrects physical “dysfunctions” you have with your musculoskeletal system like posture, immobility or muscle tightness. All issues that contribute to aches, pains, and often injuries while exercising or just participating in ever day life.

Our goal is to correct these issues while also getting you the calorie burn, toning, and fat loss many clients want. You will be amazed at how quickly someones appearance and confidence can improve through improve posture, even before we start dropping the pounds.


Community Motivation + Personalized workouts + Expert Instruction = Accelerated Results

Personal training doesn’t necessarily have to mean one-on-one, it means personal to you and to your goals. In the spirit of redefining personal training, we’ve designed our Semi-Private Personal Training program for those who enjoy the group environment, but still appreciate a focused attention from our Fitness Consultants. 

Clients love our semi-private personal training groups because they get a highly personalized program that specifically designed to help them achieve their goals, prevent injury, address strength and flexibility imbalances, and get the camaraderie and motivation of like minded clients. There’s no more than four participants in each semi-private personal training session, so you will more easily get the personal attention of one of our experts to ensure each and ever exercise is safe and effective.


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