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Simply Smarter Exercise 

Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Tired of getting hurt? Are injuries holding you back from achieving the results you want? Let us create a You-Specific corrective training program to get you where you want to be. Sign up for your free Transformation Session today!


The Move Bros Team


What They’re Saying


Throughout my journey of losing weight I would say I've had one of the best experiences I could ask for. EK pushed me and proceeded to never give up. He wasn't only my trainer but also my friend. This journey was beyond tough for me. Having him by my side to motivate me and make sure I wasn't eating a burger or two in the morning really helped and lead me to the right path and my goal. I couldn't thank him enough for believing in me and taking the time out of his day to make sure we did our workouts, make sure my eating was good and also being my trainer. I wouldn't of asked for a better trainer. Ek is funny and creative but also hard working and I'm excited to see where his career takes him.


I am 71 and have all of the aches and pains that normally come with age. Prior to training with EK, I had three different trainers. I would describe them as "one size fits all" trainers. By that I mean they used the same exercises for 20 year olds as they did me. EK was different. For example, I have back pains. EK had me exercise on a machine that all the previous trainers had me use (with limited success). After watching me do a couple of repetitions, EK stopped me and asked me to move a few inches back on the seat and to arch my back as I pulled the weights towards me. After just a few reps, I could feel the muscles in my back were being heavily used. EK made similar changes to most of my exercises to cause the target muscles to get strengthened. In the end, I had an exercise program specifically fitted to my needs. In Summary, EK is a true fitness professional and fitness guru. I have not seen any other trainers that even come close. I highly recommend him.

— Larry Prout


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